Stone Creek Coffee: Packaging

Stone Creek Coffee has been a staple in Milwaukee’s local coffee scene for nearly 30 years. In recent years, the company had packaged their coffee beans in a standard gray bag and distinguished between varieties using labels. This system was functional, but it was also lacking: the labels were small, included a lot of information in not a lot of space, featured mismatched illustration styles, prioritized utility over style, and all of the bags looked identical at a glance. Stone Creek was in need of a new packaging system that matched the quality and ingenuity of their coffee.

Stone Creek’s new packaging utilizes a revitalized design system. The bags are color-coded by roast level, and each bag now features a front and back label. A limited color palette was created for each roast color, both to complement the bag’s base color and to allow the label and illustration to stand out clearly. These limited color palettes were also utilized in each label’s unique illustration.

The new system resulted in an easier experience for shoppers, a stylish and updated look that embodied Stone Creek’s brand, and it created clear parameters for cohesive packaging for future blends. Additionally, true to Stone Creeks’ mission to “brew change,” the bags and labels are both fully recyclable.


ClientStone Creek Coffee

Eric Resch

Director of OperationsDrew Pond

Design & Illustration
Kim Dunn, Kelsey Robinson

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