Quilt: Illustration System

All-electric heat pumps have been an efficient way to heat and cool homes for years, but they have a reputation for being ugly and hard to use. Quilt set out to change that by crafting a unique and modern heat pump system that is designed to be as beautiful, intuitive, and efficient as possible.

Quilt and design studio Manual approached me to develop an illustration system as part of their new visual identity. I worked with them to build a system centered around the brand’s core concept: Better Climate by Design.

The resulting illustrations combine the cleanliness and precision of architectural drawings with the warmth and personality of cozy, lived-in homes.



Head of Marketing
Lizz Niemeyer

Creative Director
Audrey Nieh

Product Designer
Dave Bedingfield
Brand Identity

Industrial Design
Mike & Maaike

Illustration & Animation

Kelsey Robinson

Website Development


Kate Bratskeir
Tyler Sharkey Smalls

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