, an educational nonprofit, helps students and teachers around the world through its online lessons. However, it wanted to expand its reach into classrooms by compiling many of its online lessons and activities into printed journals. The first is the Food Journal, which teaches kids about food culture, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture.

Print Design + Art Direction
About the Project
Role: Art Director + Designer
I led all aspects of the design, including adapting activities for the journal format, organizing the books, designing layouts, and developing illustrations. Many of the lessons and activities included the book were written by other contributors to NEXT, or by Linda Keane, the organization’s director.

Users & Audience
3rd – 8th grade students (curious and imaginative, but easily distracted)
Teachers (STEM focus, looking for curriculum materials)

The Journal is designed to supplement the website while enriching students' learning experience. I analyzed feedback from NEXT’s preexisting print materials, spoke to teachers and school administration at a Green Schools conference, and read online testimonials about to understand user needs. With young learners in mind, I employed coded sections, playful typography, and vibrant isometric illustrations. The result is a layout that is easy to navigate, playful, and visually appealing.

The Food Journal has been well-received within Although it is currently still under development and will be published this fall, it has addressed issues with previous print materials, and has provided a foundation for’s redesign. The book is not just a printout of the online material, but instead a collection of supplementary material that improves the learning experiences of young students.

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