MIAD Pre-College

Editorial, Identity 

Client: Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design
Design: Kelsey Robinson
Project Management: Stacey Steinberg
The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) runs a program called the Pre-College, a series of classes aiming to develop high school students’ art and design skills while preparing them for higher education. MIAD’s Pre-College attracts youth from around the country, which also means it competes with similar programs from art and design schools across the nation.

MIAD wanted a brochure to promote Pre-College’s summer 2022 offerings and a refreshed visual identity to go along with it. They needed a look that would appeal to creative high school students—something that would separate itself from other brochures on a guidance counselor’s desk and stand out against statements in a parent’s mailbox.

The final design keeps things simple, using a consistent layout system throughout the brochure to make it approachable and easy to navigate while keeping things fresh by using full floods of color to distinguish different sections of the booklet. This approach leaves photography and student work at the forefront of the design, giving prospective students a preview of what they will get to learn, make, and experience at Pre-College.